Wednesday, 14 May 2014

NZ TOP 5 (summary times)


Today is the 131st day anniversary (daiversary?) of me leaving NZ. (Don't trust my maths too much tho...) Well, coincidentally 131 is one of the best numbers in the world so it seems like a good moment to finally do my New Zealand-summary-entry ready for future new travelly entries! 
Hello 2014 from NZ :)
As I did predict, I was a bit of a mess after leaving NZ, therefore producing no final blog entry. Now, over four months afterwards, the whole trip seems like such a dream. I still have my world map on the wall, and my mind is quadruple-boggled looking at where I am now and where I was last Christmas. I mean, a few weeks back I had an 11h-trip back from Lille, France, to Aberystwyth, Wales. The tip of my forefinger covers that distance on my map. While Aberystwyth to Auckland covers fourty-four forefinger tips (yes I just checked), and even that is flying bird-eye.
Yep still there 
It was a SICK experience. (here “sick” means “insanely overwhelmingly crazy awesome”, just for any elderly people reading) So, as a nice conclusion to my NZ adventure-bloggings, here is my very not-comprehensive (what's the opposite of comprehensive?) list of my top 5 favourite NZ mos:



5th PLACE: Skywalk. Walking around the outer ledge at the top of Auckland sky tower. A bit like bungee jumping - after you accept the worst that can happen is a painful death, you suddenly realise there's no sense in being afraid. Maybe. It was awesome though. And you had more time to take in the views than if you'd done bungee jumping. That's a good thing. I think. 
Naah just kidding obviously I am a natural (absolutely TERRIFIED in this pic just btw)

4th PLACE: Dolphin-watching! Something I'd never been super passionate about, but sat at the front of the boat, following a huge... um, herd? Flock? Nest? School? Maybe even school eh (I know it's a school of fish... and yesterday while starting my TEFL course I learnt that it's a school of whales too...)... FOLLOWING A HUGE SCHOOL OF DOLPHINS. Including an adorable baby. And many dolphin jumps. And even two penguins!! And the sun was shining. (And I was freezing in CC's huge fuzzy hoodie.)

3rd PLACE: Sheepworld sheepshow. Again, not anything I was TOO excited about – I was excited about feeding baby animals and googoogaagaaing over them, not so much listening to an awkward farmer talking about farming. I WAS SO WRONG. Farming is cool. Especially if you're kiwi and you're sustaining the economy with your very clever and beautiful sheep doggies. AND being able to hold a lamb was not a bad extra either...                                                                            <3 ____________ <3
Sheep dogs getting acquainted with audience
2nd PLACE: This one's difficult... Let's anyhow go with sand dunes. Haha, there seems to be a pattern here, but ONCE AGAIN nothing I was too excited about – had a very long day behind us, and I was happy to see the sand dunes, but not too thrilled about the prospect of actually having to get out of the car...

But even after a few steps, let alone climbing to the top of them, it was an envigorating (that is a word right?) experience. I have never seen sand dunes before, and these ones came as such as a surprise. Dreamlike, druglike, whatever, I think I explained it as well as I could in the blog entry.
The dream
And finally....

1st PLACE: The first glimpse of the New Zealand coastline after 30+h of travelling.
First sight of NZ
Despite the holiday of a lifetime I had in NZ, my favourite day and blogpost will have to be SO MUCH OVERWHELMEMENTTTTTTT!!! My first trip outside of Europe. FAR outside. Such a life dream, fulfilled. I can't immediately think of another life dream of such high importance levels to have been fulfilled in my life. AMAZINGGGG.

And finally, can we please have one last moment of silence for the man in window seat 83J who agreed to swap seats with me. It still overwhelms me the amount of times that waves of gratefulness just sweep across my soul. 
My hero who gave me a window seat for the Dubai-Brisbane flight <3 
Now I will content myself with staring at my map, maybe finally getting round to finishing my scrapbook, and listening to my beloved NZ-songs, the ones that remind me of NZ, the main one being the funky version of Lana del Rey's Summertime Sadness.

I even had a red dress on :P
Ah those NZ roadtrips. Thank you CC for organising such an amazing time.

And I am definitely going back. Some day.

Till the next time,

PS. Ok I did google it. Obviously it's a POD of dolphins. And very clearly I knew that a few months back. My apologies. It's the old age. : S
Just to show where my loyalties lie ;) 

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  1. Kiitos ihanasta (väli)päätösblogista! Hieno yhteenveto. :) Ja minä iäkkäänä ihmisenä todellakin tarvitsin sen selityksen sanalle "sick"! Kannattaisi varmaan yrittää löytää tuo lähes-enkeli 83J-paikan sinulle luovuttanut mies vaikka Facebookin kautta. Tuskinpa hän tiesi, millaisen siunauksen saa loppuelämäkseen. <3