Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Mallorca Day 4: The end of the effervescent holiday

The sun rises one last time
Unfortunately just a quickie this time round to wrap up our Mallorca-weekend...

Some people decide to get a tattoo as a permanent memory. I personally think that very old school, so I opted for a scar. Well, didn't really opt, but I started the morning falling down the stairs to the pool. Exciting. (And in all fairness I doubt it's a very lasting scar...)

The start of the last, travel day. :( I very much wanted a last morning swim, but the pool opened only at 8am. And we had to be breakfasted and out the hostel by 8.30am. Had a chat with the hostel owner the previous day and asked if we can go to the pool any earlier – he happily decided to give us the special key to the back door through which we can go whenever (as long as we don't make too much noise). Very nice of him. :)

Though we realised that even though the average temperature of Mallorca is substantially higher than that of Finland, Mallorca does not enjoy very warm nights like Finland (in the summer, must be added) does. At 7.30am the sun had just risen and it was a bit too cold for a swim. However, we took a few cool pics with the gorgeous lighting of the recently risen sun.

The trip back from a holiday is never one that needs to be remembered in much detail. Two tips though, or no, actually three:

  1. Get a taxi from Hostal Mimosa to the airport if at all lazy/annoyed by luggage/easily stressed. We payed 25 euros for this 20-minute sunny ride down the motorway for an un-Spanishly on-time taxi. By bus it would have been 13,50 euros for the three of us for two buses altogether, at least an hour's trip including a bus change in the centre of town. Buses was an exciting option when we first arrived at Mallorca – all part of the adventure!, but now the lazy, expensive option was the best. :)
Taxzying it to the airport 

  1. When at Palma airport, do not be fooled by the fear that there are no more shops/cafés after the first ones after security. Never have I seen an airport café and duty free so packed with such queues, and equally never have I seen such a huge difference between the chaos of the first shopping area and the complete emptiness of the shopping areas closer to the gates that silly tourists like us did not realise existed till later on.                                                                                                                
  2. Also, visit Superskunk. It sells piano-passport covers, comic book-inspired bags, stupid sunglasses, and, most importantly, cushions that look like big Spanish hams. 
  3. F off 4. there is no 4. I do not need you auto-numbering ARGHHHHHH
  4. If I had money to waste... MAUVE BAG YOU WOULD BE MINE
    Unfortunately there is no photo of ham cushions so here is a retake of plain hams 
    That was the end of our Mallorca-adventure. :( A brilliant time all in all, though far too short obviously! 
From gorgeous Palma...
...via very exciting mountains...
...to dreary Finland. Cool plane though. Norwegian.fi. Very recommended.
Driving home
For anyone contemplating visiting, I recommend Hostal La Mimosa warmly. It's the perfect balance unless you are a holiday extremist - ie. it may not be for you if you are a hardcore-crazy-party-till-the-morn-every-night, but also may not be for you if you are looking for a luxurious, peaceful holiday resort to spend your retirement days. But anywhere in between... go for it. :P Quiet enough for we who need our sleep, but dynamic/energetic/vivacious/bubbly/peppy/effervescent (thank you thesaurus.com though I still didn't find the word I was actually looking for...) enough to make for a well exciting and fun holiday for young twenty-somethings. :) (And it still scares me to admit I am one of them...) 

Ta-ta for now, as would say Misterduncan, youtube.com's most youtubed English teacher!


PS. What if airports were called airpots? Or if an airpot wasn't an airport what would it be and what would its purpose in the universe be? Analyse and amuse yourself till the NEXT BLOG POST ON SOME MYSTERY TOPIC badoom bsshhhhh. I'm off to eat a nectarine

(I have to keep up my BRAND eh) 


  1. I’m from Mallorca, and very passionate about living here.
    It is very pleasing to hear such a nice tail about a holiday in the island. Fine writing style, by the way!

    1. Hey John! Thanks for your comment! Yes it's absolutely lovely, been missing it lots. You are very lucky to live in such a sunny, exciting and gorgeous place :D