Sunday, 26 April 2015

Para-sailing, banana-boating, island-hopping


You can't just skip the last Malaysia entry even if it is over two months late. 

So, I told about our Langkawi roadtrip two entries ago. After you redo that road trip on your own holiday, here are other things you must do if you find yourself on this stunning Malaysian island...
  • 'Island-hopping'- Sitting on a speedy ferry, stopping at various Langkawian islands.

Our driver was cool. 

We stopped at three different sightseeing spots where we spent about an hour each.

For example, we stoppd at an island where a calm yet confident monkey strolled up to me, grabbed my plastic bag with the remains of the weird spicy coconut pastry-ball I had bought, walked away, sat down on a rock, took the spicy coconut out of the plastic bag and voilà, om nom.

Luckily I had eaten most of them already
Spicy coconut monkey thief
It also included interesting-named sights. 

The Island of the Pregnant Maiden. You can see her outline.
It also included a big lake with "compulsory" yet non-compulsory lifejackets.

Strictly optional would be a better way of saying it
Our final stop was a gorgeous beach with sneaky monkey gangs behind the 'fences' (a long rope between trees) that seemed to be playing an eternal game of capture the flag – the beach and tourists being the opposing team, and all of the tourist possessions being the flag. Patricia caught a monkey rummaging through her bag just in time.

More monkey thieves

  • Para-sailing!

Get harnessed to a parachute thingy, have a random no-older-than-15-year-old-boy hanging without a harness behind you, get pulled up into air by motorboat. SO COOL and obviously in a country where safety regulations are not as rigid as in Europe, selfies were allowed!


  • The horrifying experience of banana-boating. A banana boat is a banana-shaped inflatable... thing which you sit on, and it's I'm sure very similar to riding a crazied out bull. You are being pulled by a motorboat and the boat is jumping on the waves and you think it'd be fun... Well, in a way it was, I was just the very clear casualty of the group, the one that kept falling in the water and having to be picked up. And even that wasn't that bad, it was just the increasing difficulty with which I had to pull myself up / be pulled up by the lads I was on the boat with. Sigh. An experience.
They make it look fun don't they... (pic courtesy of google) (ironically in the context of someone going into hospital after falling off one)

  • The best EVER Pina Coladas. Not that I'm a massive fan of Pina Coladas. But these one's were HEAVENLY. (Why do I not have a proper picture of them!?!? In any case, GO TO Bodo's on the beach...)
  • OUR BEACH at night <3 It's sad we discovered the proper beach cafés only on our last days. :(
Bruno Mars leaping over the sunset
Yellow beach café
Many photoshoots!
And that was the end of our Malaysian adventure. I love Malaysia as a country, KL is an awesome city, and Langkawi is a superfun (and beautiful!) island. 

And fastforward to today, the 26th of April, I arrived in Vietnam exactly six months ago actually! Crazy. Tomorrow I set off to the north, to explore central and northern Vietnam... 



And now we say goodbye to Langkawi...


  1. Kyllä on tosi kokemus-tiiviitä nämä sinun reissusi! :) Onneksi sinä et päätynyt sairaalaan siitä banaaniveneestä... Kuinka ihmeessä muistat kaikki tapahtumat näin hyvin? Kirjoititko ne kaikki ylös hetimiten?

    Taitaapi pian olla blogeja tulossa uusimmalta reissultasi? Kaikkea hyvää ja haleja Äx

    1. Kirjoitan yleensä jotain muistijuttuja ku pystyn - mut esim tää oli draftina mun koneella muutaman kuukauden ennen kun publishasin...


  2. I was going to ask how the 15-year-old stayed on if he didn't have a harness, but we sort of see in one of the later photos... Dramatic selfies from midair!

    From your final comment looks like you plan to skip the rest of March and move onto events more recent in your blog... Zz

    1. Maybe I'll go back to March later, "The Story of the Corrupt Taxi Driver" and "The Day a Monkey Scratched My Leg in the Mangrove Forest" and.... any other ideas?