Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 2: Emirates Stadium&Ipswich!


Today we spent about six hours in trains. It's a lot of time and something to get used to during the next weeks, but it went surprisingly well. I spent more or less a third of the trips asleep, a third playing Marble Saga (STILL ON THE SAME DARN LEVEL) and a third reading junky shallow gossip......... I mean quality magazines. (Cosmopolitan&a pair of sunglasses&strawberry Mentos&some random mints=£1. SO WORTH THE MONEY, I love you Britain.)

We left on the 8.21 train from Seaford to London Victoria. We arrived there just before 10, starving. Neither me nor CC are too talented at making decisions, so finding a place to eat breakfast was not a prospect I was looking forward to... But stepping out of the station, we quickly found a nice enough pub, very Britishly called The Shakespeare - I put away my usual thoughts of "oh we shouldn't go into the first pub we see because it's probably boring and where everyone'll be and what if there's a better one round the corner" and we had an all round satisfactory English Breakfast, CC getting his Eggs Benedict as well as half my Full English. :)

 The main purpose for the London-trip was to go check out the Emirates Stadium, CC's favourite team Arsenal's stadium. So we undergrounded it to the stadium, which was pretty impressive even for not such a fanatic Arsenal-fan as me. We walked round it, and on the wall there were pictures of the players and interesting little anecdotes about them. I even recognised a few!

CC is happy
There were many statues around too
David Seaman and his hair <3
Jumping pictures must be taken obviously as well

After the Stadium, made it just in time back for a 12.30 train to see our friend James in Ipswich. When I looked up Ipswich on wikipedia last night one of the main things that came up were the "Ipswich 2006 Serial Murders", ok, so not humongous expectations...

When I woke up from my slumber just before getting into the station, it was rainy. The town itself was a nice quaint British town, though James described it as "like a British Douai" and something about feeling claustrophobic stuck between Norwich and London.

Just outside Ipswich station with James and our housemate Maria's old umbrella
Anyways, first thing we did after meeting up with James was go and find lunch in a lovely pub called Salutation - if any of ye fans find yourselves in Ipswich, please pop in! They had lovely-sounding meals like vegetable crumble (a savoury meal, with veggies and oaty and cheesy crumble it said) and Large Yorkshire Pudding filled with sausage or chicken (om nom). In the end I opted for a traditional jacket om nom.
James, this is why I take pictures of food (OM NOM btw)
 After a long catch-up at lunch including topics like the school I worked in and James worked in briefly last year (well for just under two weeks to be exact before he got sick of it) and James's new workplace in France this year (which he left after just over a week before he got sick of it), we went SHOPPING yay! CC had to get some posh trousers for the birthday we're going to in a few days, so Primark it was. I also bought a few _actually_ _useful_ things believe it or not, black flats and beige shorts. So ha!

Shopping obviously had to consist of trying on cool sunglasses as well...

Ready for the Italian sun!
We also thought of getting donuts, there was an offer of 10 mini donuts for £1 at the local market place!! but James and I decided it would be a bit awkward for CC to order donuts...... I mean think of the scenario of New Zealander Kiwi saying "Could I have 10 donuts please," and the lad at the donut-stall replying "sorry mate we only do real ones"... :S (Instead of "ten", CC pronounces it "tin"...)

But, I got donut peaches instead OM NOM. Are they actually called donut peaches or am I dreaming? Maybe they're called donut peaches in French or something...? I dunno. Two thingies for £1 though, BARGAINNNN.

Donut peaches OM NOM
Coffee and more gossip at Nero. There was a serious, bored looking young lady behind the till, and I was so happy to realise how both guys I was with managed to bring a smile to her face - James was asking in his own Jamesy way about where she was from (Poland), and attempted to say thank you to her (in Polish), and CC helped her move the outdoor chairs back inside when it was time to close. My gentlemen. :)

Then back to Ipswich railway station, obviously some One Directioning on the way.
Us singing What makes you beautiful - James is the BIGGEST fan

Me and my Douai boys, thanks for an epic day!
 Got the train back to London, then back to Seaford, where it was already dark with a shiny moon...

Pretty sky in Seaford
 And that is all for today. Tomorrow, Lewes maybe, and then off to Oxford!!


PS. Question of the day (especially for James): Which member of One Direction would you like to be? ;)


  1. Woaoh!! Ton blog va être un très bon exercice pour notre anglais!!!
    On vous suit dans votre voyage!! have fun!!:)
    J'imagine que James continue so crazy comme d'hab!

    Guada & Yago

  2. Don't you remember that you were an Arsenal fan once? It was the year France won the world cup, and you supported France because one of the players had a ponytail. The ponytailed Frenchman also played for Arsenal... If CC's a true fan I guess he can give Monsieur Ponytail a name and year...

  3. Valkopavut tomaattikastikkeessa näyttää olevan tärkeä osa sun atrioitasi, neitokainen. :)