Sunday, 23 June 2013

Day 4: Happy birthday Hannah!!

G'dday and hello from the Dover-Calais-ferry, closely missing a massive humongous exciting cargo ship which looked like a mountain from afar, so in other words life is very exciting!!

So, we are at Day 4, ie. yesterday. A nice "relaxing" day, meaning no travelling on trains and staying in the same area.
Some of Hannah's backyard and CC drying his shoes
So, we were in Berrick Salome for Hannah's birthday party and it was AMAZING. I've never been to such a fancy party before, it was a big do for both friends and relatives, they had booked the whole pub to have the party in. The theme was red carpet so the cake had stars and an edible filmstrip of pictures of Hannah, there was a real red carpet, a professional photographer, a real DJ, drinks tokens and so on. Absolutely brilliant.
Note the filmstrip!!
Yes, Hannah loves cows  

City slickers with Hayzybob!
So, a lot of dancing to amazing songs with some of my bestest friends ever, amazing food and drinks ("City Slicker"-cocktail was the best), general chatting, playing games and spending time together. At about half midnight the pub closed, and we moved to Hannah's backyard, where we continued gossiping in the hot tub! Fresh, cold air, and hot water, amazing <3

Not gonna go into details because it's not really to do with our travels, but it was an epic night. And now on the way back to good old France! (boo, I like England)