Saturday, 22 June 2013

Day 3: Lewes castle and off to Oxford

(Written last night, 21st of June, but had no wifi-access then...)

Coucou lovies,

Today was basically a day of travel. We had decided to go to Lewes in the morning, a town a 15 minute-train ride away. We had eaten breakfast, mostly finished packing, and it was 9.52 when I checked the train timetables. “There's one train leaving in six minutes,” I told CC, “shall we go?” So we had a nice pleasant morning jog to the train station, with a whole two-and-a-half-minutes to spare!

Lewes is also currently the town most in the news in the UK because of some teacher running off with a student
Lewes is a lovely British town with narrow hilly streets and cute little shops - the typical cute English town. While there I spent a good half hour in the post office queueing to post my dissertation notes back home (not carrying a kilo of notes around Europe for three weeks...), then we went to explore Lewes castle. I'd been there five years previous with my Finnish friend Suzanne and we both had made great plans on getting married there – such a lovely castle!!  

Steep steps, pretty flowers, cool views, fun activities and awesome medieval clothes to dress in... what more can you want from a castle! CC even chatted up a bunch of middle-aged ladies doing embroidery for Lewes's some special event (175 years of something if I remember correctly...?).
Then back to Seaford (after buying sausage&sweet chili and sausage&mustard-home-made sandwiches om nom), and back to the station ten minutes later, this time with all our bags.

Seaford-Lewes-London Victoria-London Paddington-Oxford was the route, quite uneventful apart from!!!! I got through level 90 in Marble Saga!! :) :) :)

By the time we got to Oxford we were tired and I was grumpy, so there are no photos. But after buying apples and Ribena I got happier, and especially when my friend Hannah and her dad appeared to pick us up by car!

They live in a tiny village called Berrick Salome which is about half an hour's car ride away from Oxford, same amount of time roughly from Reading. So quaint, so idyllic, and such a village community. Hannah lives in a huge spacious house with a big garden, next door is the village pub.
Archie the crazy lovable dog enjoying bolognaise
We had amazing spaghetti bolognaise à la Hannah's family (always amazing), then went to the pub for a drink, then went back to their garden terrasse thingy to play a game of Cluedo, all six of us. (I won. :) )

Now shattered, sitting in bed, ready to get lots of sleep for tomorrow, the big day of Hannah's birthday party!! Black tie, and actual red carpet, the pub booked, a DJ, special cocktail-menu, etc etc.

Now way too tired.




  1. I'm glad you kept up the family honour by winning cleudo!

  2. Zaps on niin mahtava, kun hän kirjoitti Cluedon omalla tavallaan! Olitte vakuuttavia niissä linnanneidon ja -herran asuissa. Jos Hannah'n juhlaan piti olla musta kravatti, niin pitikö naisilla olla pitkä asu? <3

  3. haha typical CC chatting up the middle-aged ladies :P

    1. Yup, I left him alone only for a few minutes!