Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day 13: Pisa & Florence

Bonjorno! Today has been quite a slow-pace non-happeny day in comparison with yesterday. I woke up just before 10 (record since literally MONTHS), whereas CC was woken up by our Hong Kongian roomy's alarm at 7.30 and couldn't get back to sleep. He was not impressed.

Plan was: The tower of Pisa in the morning, Florence in the afternoon. Everyone I've spoken to had said that, apart from the square with the tower, there is nothing to see in Pisa. Relatively true, unfortunately.

We had mediocre bread, Foccacia (?) for brekkie, aaaaandddd let me quickly tell you about the bread before we continue! Our guide in Genova was OBSESSED with it, saying that that is the main reason he loves Italy. So we tried some of the bread at the bakery. It's nice, yes, but I don't really understand what is so amazing about it. Olivey, rather plain dough. Rachel and CC really enjoyed it though.
Anyways, Pisa. Touristville was opened up to us the moment we stepped into the square with the tower, the cathedral and some other impressive building. The Leaning Tower of Pisa... is small! I am embarrassed to admit that for a microsecond I was like “where's the tower?” until I realised it was right in front of me. But it was cool, and we tried to take the obligatory leaning on/pushing tower-tourist pics that literally EVERYONE was taking. If someone who knew nothing about the tower would walk into the square, I'm sure they would be HIGHLY CONFUSED about the amount of people standing in various awkward positions with their arms out.
Also had an AMAZING tiramisu-milkshake OM NOM
Then we went off to Florence. We meant to have met up with Matthew in Pisa, since he was staying there too, but I got mixed up with the hostels, thought we were staying in the same one, and he still hasn't added CC on facebook. Sad face, CC misses men.

At Florence, the first thing I did was get an 18euro hat for 10euro. WIN! I love it, SO pretty, and HANDMADE IN ITALY. (Supposedly.) The hostel was a bit difficult to find, but the streets were very pretty – Florence gave a very good first impression.

We found lunch closer to 4 o'clock, decided to have the compulsory PIZZAAAA. It didn't disappoint.
Once again, we looked at the map of Florence and decided on where we want to visit – Florence is a gorgeous town with many impressive buildings and pretty gardens to visit! We decided to visit the statue of David first, and the prettiness around there.

And that was all. It wasn't a long walk, but the heat was insane, and instead of going to the statue, by the time we got to the top we just stumbled into this pretty but ridiculously overpriced panoramic café where I devoured a 7,50euro banana milkshake. Views were awesome though. 

After seeing the statue and the views, we both very much agreed upon going back to the hostel to rest. At eight we popped out next door to have a salad. BTW CC HAD A SALAD TOO I'M SUPPOSED TO MENTION THIS IF MR. CARRELL YOU HAPPEN TO BE READING. !!!
Greek salad in Italy om nom
Our hostel was in an excellent location, in front of Piazza Pitti, some famous big open square, also there's a museum, or maybe a few, and some gardens etc... and many restaurants literally next door.

Tomorrow – ROME! If we have the energy. Lol.



  1. Ihana hattu, kivat Pisa-torni-kuvat! Kreikkalaisessa salaatissanne oli enemmän oliiveja kuin meillä Kreikassa. :) Oliko paljon oliiviöljyä?

    Kyllä olette menossa koko ajan - ei ihme, että kaipasitte lepoa. <3

    1. Ei ollu ollenka oliiviöljyä piti ite lisätä!

  2. Siistiä että näitte pisan! Mäkin haluun

  3. Finalement tu as acheté ton summer chapeau! :)
    Je suis jalouse par le tiramisu milksake !!!!!

    Bisous depuis l'Espagne, où l'on a aussi un grand soleil!! On le merite, après notre année à Douai... :P

    1. Bah ouiiii :) Ah c'est bien le soleil après Douai ;)

  4. Very jealous, Looks awesome!!! P.S love the dress :) xxx

    1. I know right, someone very awesome got it for me!! :) xxxx

  5. Great pix of the leaning tower! And pizza in Italy - I suppose it's a must! Your hat reminds me of the one Äiti bought in Greece... I'll post a private album so you can see how she bought it...

  6. 3 things I love:

    1. The Pizzas
    2. The banana milkshake (although 7.50?????)
    3. Your hat! Very 30s glamour darlin'

    oh and CC in the gladiator helmet. Imagination runs wild ... :P

  7. I DID read this Emms. Choked laughing......Mark (Mr C)

  8. Gorgeous dress georgeous Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

    1. Thank you my flower pumpkin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx