Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day 23&24: Copenhagen

Hello fans,

Apologies for late entry. As most of you know, we came back to Finland on the 12th, and since then I've just been lazing about, happy to be at home.

So, our last whole day we spent in Copenhagen. Lovely town and all, but I think it was a bit of a downhill from Berlin, LET ME EXPLAIN: since we had spent lots of time in hostels, then we "upgraded" to staying at friends' and relatives' for two nights, then "upgraded" to a luxury hotel, and then went back to a good old 10-mixed dorm in a party hostel for the last two nights, it was a bit of a... disappointment?

We arrived at the hostel at about 1am, the hostel was the one with ALL THE LOUD PEOPLE in front of it. The reception was also the bar. The staff were lovely and very efficient (apart from giving us a wrong bed), so clearly they managed. I was looking around at all the people and very much wanting to be part of them, here with a big group of friends ready to party... but alas, no. I was shattered, and would be shattered for the next many days, so the load bar downstairs was NOT a plus.
Ready for Danish bread?

The one day we decided we deserve a sleep-in, we woke up to a nearby church clanging loudly at 8.00, 8.15, 8.30 etc etc etc. Oh well.

Leisurely got ready, while CC was comparing hairyness with our quarter-German quarter-Russian quarter-Hebrew quarter-something else roomie. He had been to an Iron Maiden concert in Malmö - Iron Maiden weren't that amazing but Rammstein was. Unfortunately CC had never heard of Rammstein. But in any case, they got along well. Mr Hebrew Rammstein was very bearded.

Then we went out to look for food. It's very difficult in Denmark because the price is so completely different. In the end we estimated that about 25 Danish crowns is four euros. (Just googled it btw - 4 euros is about 29 Danish crowns, actually.) But with that exchange rate everything was VERY expensive... and well, I exchanged 80 euros (much more than I had planned, but it was recommended by the exchange guy), and it all disappeared very quickly. By the evening we were very claustrophobic about our money getting eaten up by Danish expensiveness that we had a very cheap dinner of sandwiches and salad.

Anyways, back to the morning: found a really nice place where we had a very nice (expensive) brunch. Om nom!
They had blankets yay!

Brunch à la Danemark

Then we gradually made our way to the famous Little Mermaid, via the harbour, some fountains, impressive buildings and a nap.

He's looking into the future of us

Afterwards we decided to go to the Guinness Worlds Record-museum as a fun, more relaxing thing to do. It was good fun, showing amazing videos you could control yourself of stuff like a bullet going through a watermelon, or the streets filling up with a riot. And then just normal videos of Guinness world-record stuff. In any case, it was cool.
Longest jump

Largest man
Tallest man
Most popular book/richest author etc
Biggest bakery produces

The thing that bums me out a bit still is that we only went to the Tivoli Gardens in the evening. I especially was very tired but decided in the end I'd make the effort to see this place everyone had been talking about. We got there, but it cost. 95 Danish thingies which means about sixteen euros. Not too bad, I'm sure it's an impressive place but a) it was still money b) we were very tired and probs wouldn't have made the most of it if we did go...

So we didn't.

The next morning had a budget-breakfast of left-over-T-biscuits, left-over-T-chocolate, left-over-T-banana and left-over-bread-roll-stolen-from-Berlin-hotel. Pretty good though, especially when I discovered the banana and sugar bread roll! Om nom.
The bread roll's in the plastic bag

Then off to the airport by train, then by airplane to Helsinki, where my brother was waiting for us, ready to take us HOME. 

And that is the end of our travels.

I will write a summary as a next entry, and maybe any extra bits I think of. Feel free to ask any questions or anything :)

But, for the time being, THANK YOU to everyone who has read my blog, especially you who have commented or let me know about it, it's always so great to hear. :) I loved writing this and hope you guys enjoyed reading!! Hopefully I will get more to blog about soon again ;)



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