Friday, 12 July 2013

Day 22: Bye bye Berlin ON A TRAIN ON A FERRY

Hej! From the same train, Hamburg-Copenhagen. Guess what is today's most exciting experience: Sat on a train on a ferry. Yup, well I at least found it hilarious. Our train alongside cars and trucks on the cardeck of a ferry from Germany to Denmark. :D

Anyways, this morning, woke up in our luxury hotel room. Had some luxury Cappuccino in a luxury mug, drank luxury water from a luxury water glass and dried my face on one of the many luxury towels. Etc etc etc.

BUT none of that was anywhere near luxury compared tooooooo (ready for it!?) …. compared tooooooooo


Just the choice. You had one aisle of cooked foods (sausage, eggs in three different ways, fried potatoes, beans etc etc), one aisle of bakery produce (breads, croissants, jams etc), and one aisle of other stuff like four different types of muesli, dried fruits, like five different types of yoghurt, fruit salads, a million different hams and cheeses, etc etc.
Fruit salad with mint
Whatever your breakfastal taste, you will have found something there. Day started well.

T had suggested we take a boat ride around Berlin, and even very kindly gave some money to sponsor it as well, so that was our top priority. We took the bus to near the boat place, looked around at the museums (outside), and then found a nice-looking boat which was leaving in 10mins but still had lots of space, so we payed and sat down.
A museum
The one-hour boat ride was nice though increasingly more cold (luckily CC does not feel cold so I got his hoody he had so luckily forgotten to give into bag storage at the hotel), and the guide talking up front was very informative, eager and charismatic. The only small problem was that it was also all in German. So unfortunately I can't tell you too much about all the buildings we saw. I understood a few words, like 'aber' (=but), 'jetzt' (=now), and some numbers, but you can't really get far with those on a guided historical tour...
Oh well.
Lesson of the day: Do not wear CC's hoodie zipped up on top of shorts.
Near by was also the Fernsterum (or something like that), the TV-tower, the symbol of Germany. It looked impressive and I had a nice look through its souvenir-shop, but neither of us felt like spending 12 euros climbing it. I think both of us have become a bit immune to the excitingness of high-up views, unfortunately.
CC kept himself amused
As I mentioned a few entries earlier, we decided we should get reservations for our last trains from Berlin to Hamburg and Hamburg to Copenhagen – don't wanna get left without seats on a five-hour train! So we then went to the train station to get reservations for the 3.30 train, arriving in Copenhagen just after 10pm. After a loooooong queue to the ticket lady (because the ticket machines were not cooperating for a change), she told me the trains are booked. Oh ok. Luckily there was space on the 5.12 train, getting into Copenhagen 19 minutes after midnight. (So here I am now, it's just after 11pm now. And actually, for the last 19 minutes we'll be travelling illegally, since our interrail-pass ends today...)

Neither of us had any idea what to do, so we took the metro to a random stop, where we found a nice area with lots of caf├ęs. I was keen to eat real German food before leaving, so when there was a very decent looking restaurant offering the “Original Berliner Currywurst” (curry-sausage) and fries/potato salad for 3euros, we didn't hesitate. Ridiculously good offer, very nice meal. I even ordered it in German, much I'm sure to the waitress's annoyance... I'm very eager to practise my minimal German by ordering stuff, but usually they respond to me in German, asking a further question maybe, and I am obviously lost. Awkward.
Ein Deutsche OM NOM
Also had to have a German pretzel
Then back to the hotel to get our bags, and back to the station to get the train. Which an hour ago went onto a ferry. But I told you about that already. Otherwise nothing very brain-boggling has happened.
The train leaving the ferry alongside cars and trucks!

Hopefully we won't disturb the rest of the travellers in our hostels 10-bed-mixed-dorm after arriving at like closer to 1am.

One more day, then flying home. EXCITED, tho we've had an amazing time we are both very keen for REST.

Bonne nuit (gonna save embarrassing myself by trying to say it in German)


  1. a train on a ferry?

    How does that work?

    Like, does it have rails on the ferry?

  2. I had the same question... Was the train still on rails on the ferry? And yes please, I'll take mint with my Ein Deutsche...

    1. Yeh it was on the rails... some special place for it in the ferry

  3. You've come home. <3