Friday, 20 December 2013

Birkenhead and Kiwi spelling


Today our first topic shall be Kiwi spelling.

One of our first days roadtripping there was a sign next to the road advertising strawberries. (So, letting drivers know there is a stall/little shop selling strawberries in a bit down the road.) Except it wasn't spelt strawberries, it was spelt STRWABERRIES. Quick typing probs... but it was handwritten! 

Later, we were approaching this strawberry place from different direction. There too was a sign. This one said STARBERRIES, and then a 'W' sort of added with a little upside-down V as an 'afterthought'. This W was put after the R (–> 'starwberries'). Ummmm?

So, I did figure this must be done on purpose :P And at least it will make many people remember for a long time that there are strwaberries on that road. But this example is to show the actual lack of ability to spell the dear Kiwis have. (It's not just CC.) (:P) The brochures are full of “rasberries” and “localy produced” and one even was talking about “iwis”. And obviously, not forgetting this first edition of Auckland Monopoly...


Next topic. Tuesday the 17th spelt B for Birkenhead. Birkenhead is a little village 40min walk away from Northcote (my home atm). It took me over an hour due to the ridiculously simple fact of not looking to the left before deciding to turn right at the crossroads. Honestly. Was walking towards the spot Googlemaps had marked as Birkenhead, approaching this sort of shopping complex (Countdown (a supermarket), KFC, a “Family Store”) on the left. I didn't want to go shopping, I wanted to go sightseeing, so at the crossroads I turned right. And walked down a street with nothing interesting on for about fifteen minutes before giving up and turning back.
Towards Birkenhead
And on my way back I realised that what I thought was a 'shopping complex' actually included a street – a very clear street. A lively, bustly street with loads of cute cafés and shops to sightsee. And in very clear sight to. THIS was Birkenhead.

LESSON OF THE DAY: Always look both ways at a crossroads.
Birkenhead was very pretty, drooled in the cheesecake shop and the cupcake shop and very much enjoyed my caramel milkshake. A pretty little historical town which I could tell you more about if only I hadn't discovered the heritage walk-map on my way home.
caramel milkshake om nom
After CC got home, we went to the big shopping centre in Albany where I joined CC and his family for their traditional Christmas shopping. Was very lovely! Surreal moments tho when surrounded my CC, his brother and his father, I felt like a hobbit.
Life of Pi-top!! and a tiny Butterscotch Latte which unfortunately did not taste of butterscotch. (But still amazing)
My new favourite clothes shop is K-Mart, btw. A supermarket.
Dinner at shopping centre - believe it or not it was CC's idea to share!
4 days till Xmas! CRAZY.

There is this awesome wrapping paper at the shopping centre which I stupidly did not buy, which I will defos buy when I go there next time. It has kiwis AND pukekos on it. People expecting presents when I get back home, be excited!

Many hugs to all my munchkins,



  1. Have you seen any real hobbits yet? Was CC's mum a hobbit or a giant?

  2. Ihana Piin elämä -toppi! Ja sun tukkas on upee. :) Milloin tämä Monopolin 1. painos tuli ulos? xxx