Saturday, 21 December 2013

DEVONPORT I love you

Good day fellow human beings,

'Today' (the 18th) was a very good day, the day we went to Devonport. Devonport would be a 1½h walk away, or two buses. I decided to walk the way of the first bus (38mins, according to googlemaps), and take the second one. Buses are a hassle and I decided I prefer only one deducting-which-bus-is-correct -hassle.
Took bus 813. To the South of the map is central Auckland, accessible by ferry
So, I walked to Takapuna. Went past Barry's Point Road which I was very happy about since it reminded me of a beloved hamster. Also decided, in my quest for getting as many sugars as possible (I collect sugar sachets), to go to a little café at a petrol station on the way to sample the famous NZ 'flat white'. Basically, I guess, a milkier version of a latte. Very nice. And the people at the petrol station were so lovely. I should visit little not so attractive cafés more often, they always have the nicest people.
Wit me flat white
Otherwise, Barry's Point Road was not my favouritest ever, since it sold exciting stuff like fishing baits, motorbikes, computer bits and scaffolding.
Barry's Point Road - NZ is not all rolling green hills
But getting into Takapuna, everything became pretty again. I really like Takapuna as a town. Had a taster of frozen yoghurt and, finally did find my bus stop.

My bus came, I got in. I had no idea how much it'd cost so gave the driver a 20 dollar note. He looked at me expectantly and then went: “Adult or child?” I was a bit taken aback. “Adult. I think! I'm 22.” “Oh!” the driver was very surprised, and went on muttering about how 'lucky' I was. (Later, yes, I did realise it was stupid of me to say my age and thus admit the possibility in my mind that a 22-year-old would be classified as a child in some country.) (But, on the other hand, hobbits come of age only at 33... And NZ is basically Middle Earth!?) (I sound so knowledgeable on Lord of the Rings don't I. I really am not. Though have started reading the first one while here. I feel like a bit of a let-down as someone going to NZ since I am not a Lord of the Rings fanatic, not even a supporter. The first film was boring and I stopped at that. I liked the Hobbit though.) (Bracket rambling ends here don't worry.)
Seabreeze Rd has entered my list of "street names I wanna live on" (along with Rahkakatu)
Last day of Christmas tree sales!
Devonport was GORGEOOOOOUSSS. Got off at the ferry terminal. Realised the reality of Devonport being a 10 minute ferry ride away from central Auckland. The skyline was SO CLOSE, the Sky Tower SO AWESOME, I wished I was with someone so I could skip and jump and be ridiculously happy.
In a few days time we will be on that ferry :)
Devonport boasts two magnificent view points: Mount Victoria, an old volcano rising from the middle of town, and North Head, a little walk away on the coast. I decided to do North Head first. Cool beach, lovely views, funky trees.
AMAZING chicken and avocado salad for lunch (tho both are hidden :P)
Funky tree
Funky horizon
Also popped in the cool Navy Museum
What is North Head? Not sure. An old military something or other with canons and tunnels. In some way a smaller version of Suomenlinna. I walked up to the first infoboard, where it showed walking route options for a Coastal Walk, a Summit Walk and a Tunnel Walk. Well, I wanted to do all of them, so I decided to just explore.
I LOVED IT. The varying views from the eternal sand of Cheltenham Beach to the Sky Tower and other skyscrapers, to just green countryside. The climbs, the tunnels.

Cheltenham Bay

After North Head met up with CC, who came over after work. The plan, which I was very excited about, was to have cake
Awesome NZ chocs!
I approve of cake
I'd give my white chocolate and macadamia slice four stars. It was very nice, but perhaps a bit disappointing as cakes go.
CC's hot choc
Om nom!
CC was under the weather and my legs realised how much walking I'd done already... So we skipped Mount Victoria, bought amazing chewy raspberry Vitamin C-tablets for CC, and went home.

coz I can't think of any suitable last words.

Forever yours,



  1. In pic 1, is that a canal or a light blue bus route running through the centre of the island?
    Computer bits or computer bytes?
    What do the funky tree and funky horizon have in common? Lots of separate bits sticking up into the air.
    Cheltenham Beach? Cheltenham is the posh town next to less-posh Gloucester (where Mumsie and I went to church in Nov, and it was unheated!)
    Kiwi cakes look good!

    1. Haha, light blue bus route I'd say, it has a number at the top. Yep Cheltenham is where the Grays are innit!

  2. Kertakaikkisen mahtavia kuvia - upeista paikoista tietenkin! Kuinka paljon loppujen lopuksi maksoit bussimatkastasi ja miksi bussinkuljettaja piti sinua onnekkaana? Onko tämä jonkinlainen kiiviarvoitus?

    Tällä kerralla seepraa päällä. Hieno! Toivottavasti C-m on toipunut niiden vadelmatablettien avulla. :)


  3. 3,40 on perushinta. Siis oletan että bussikuski sano et oon onnekas ku näytän nuorelta :P

  4. :) Söpö kohteliaisuus.