Saturday, 28 December 2013


means bless you in Maori. 

No it doesn't really. I've just been having serious problems trying to come up with a title for this. 

Ok so Christmas special-time. HAPPY CHRISTMAS. This is my favourite tree in NZ, the Pohutakawa, also known as the 'NZ Christmas tree'. GORGEOUS eh!?

Taken back in Russell
Our more 'traditional' Christmas will be tomorrow (the 28th), since that is the day CC's parents host their annual Christmas get-together for forty odd relatives. Our Christmas day was an interesting experience even for CC and his bro W since the parents were not here then, including, for example, 'Christmas dinner' at McDonalds. ;) (Only place that was open on the roads, and we were nowhere close to any house that would have food in it.)
However had the traditional amazing I <3 Boys hot chocolate 
But Christmas day was also presents and chocolates, as it should be. My presents (from CC, Hayzybobzykins and W) all followed certain themes... LOVED THEM. Be certain to meet Chip the Chatter Kiwi everyone who I'll be meeting within the next few months!!! He is ADORABLEEEEEE.
Pressies Set 2 
We also went to see CC's lovely gran back up in Whangarei. Very special. Then we went to Manganui (or something like that) Beach, unfortunately not swimming weather! (Apparently the first rainy/non-sunny Christmas for AGES) But cool photos were taken and I LOVE running on big sandy beaches. :)

Exciting clouds on the way back to Auckland
Haven't kept up with daily-ish posts because since Rangitoto no massive trips have happened. We had Hayzybobzykins over Sunday-Monday night which was lovely since Hayzybobzykins is lovely.
Dinner at the Elephant Wrestler in Takapuna
It's called a DESSERT PIZZA
Ice chocolates in Auckland
Amazing brekkie in Auckland!
!! :D
Other than that, unfortunately have decided it's finally time to start revising for my exam (two days after I get back from here...) hence lack of interesting adventures.

I will however leave you something interesting which is KIWIS VS SHEEP CHESS.
Amazing!!! I don't need the purple car, get me this 
À toute,



  1. Tosi söpö shakkipeli! Ja kuvat ovat mahtavia! Erityisen kivat sun ja C:n hyppykuva ja sun ja H:n tiikerikuvat. Mitä siinä jälkiruokapitsassa oikein on??? Äx

  2. chocolate buttons, marshmallows ja jonkinlaista marjasoossia :)

  3. Tulee ikävä sua tässä lueskellessa. Jaksamista tenttilukemiseen!

    1. Kiitos paljon Hanskukkaiseni! Suakin ikävä<3

  4. Glad to hear that all 40 of CC's relatives are odd. And I've come to the conclusion that his mother does not exist. We never see her, we never hear anything of her.

    Looks like you had a nice array of Christmas presents... and that's without the UK and Finland ones!

    Kiwis vs Sheep... enough to make you a chess addict! Zx

    1. When I went in with CC he began a chess game with a mystery person - he'd play a move, walk away, and when he came back next someone had played the opposite side!

      Lovely array of pressies :)