Thursday, 19 December 2013

Northcote and Auckland: Discovering my next NZ home

YO BROS (and why not sistas),

(practising me rugby kiwi slang, see what I did there)

Today I shall tell you about the two following days (15th and 16th) which were basically me getting to know my knew home environment.
Christmas times in Auckland
I have travelled alone countless times, explored alone countless times, all good fun. But I've always been mentally prepared I guess, and looked up stuff to do etc. Now, I woke up Sunday morning and realised I have to amuse myself for the day. A bit daunting since I'd visualised this holiday as one where I'd always be with someone else.

So, casual exploring.

Sunday I visited Northcote centre. Points to note:

1.THEY HAVE AN AMAZING SECOND-HAND CLOTHES SHOP. Racks and racks and racks of gorgeous clothes. Especially skirts. Ahhhhh.
And cool top with funky sleeves!! To get or not to get?
2.Auckland, especially Northcote, is very Asian. This is something that came as a surprise to me when I arrived in NZ. Some places you go, you may as well be in Korea. Northcote was packed full of Chinese restaurants, Thai restaurants, “Asian grocery” shops etc etc. To my positive surprise, they are all friendly though. This is me not being racist, but realistic, but especially in France if you visit a “Asian shop” you can expect the shop seller either to a) completely ignore you and focus 100% on their phone/computer/friend or b) stare at you so intensely you feel sure someone's planted a shop-lifted item on you. BUT in NZ they are all nice. Day was especially brightened up by the young lad selling me a water bottle. :)

Monday, I ventured a bit further. Centre of Auckland! Caught the bus at Akoranga Bus Station (a sort of mix between a Bus station and a Bus Stop, quite exciting), that you get to by going through a university campus and a glass footbridge over the motorway.
It surprised me a bit when I heard from CC earlier that technically it's impossible to walk to the centre of Auckland, due to the bridge over the water being only for cars. I don't usually get the bus, but managed it quite satisfactorily this round. The nice lady waiting for the bus with me recommended I get off at the last stop “Britomart”, the start of the high street.

Well, and high streets mean shopping... Went up Queens Street (the high street), had a nice spinach roll at the top (like a sausage roll, not a bread roll), went down Queens Street, got the bus home, basically. Bought two tops (was gonna buy one for 25 dollars... but she said I could get two for 30 dollars. Obviously there was no question about it. Though I love my tiger one more. LIFE OF PI-TOP. (2b seen later)), some souvenirs, a smoothie and I think that's it.

The Auckland skyline is cool. We shall finish with that.
CC's meditation spot :)
From the bus


eat me NOW 


  1. Kiva toppi tosiaankin! Ei tainnut olla yksi niistä, jotka ostit 30 dollarilla?

    Yllätyin muuten siitä tiedosta, ettei keskustaan voi kävellä. Eikö U-S ole kävely- ja pyöräily-ystävällinen?


  2. Do they sell Brits at Britomart? And I'll take a Choc Custard one please...

    1. Obviously, since they have K-mart and 123Mart and Savemart and everythingMart!