Monday, 9 December 2013

London 2 Dubai

8/12/2013, 7.47am. A bit disconcerting since all my gadgets are still on British time saying it's 3.47am. But it is sunny, hot (apparently 24 degrees), and I am looking over the skyscrapers of Dubai OH YES I AM. Sat in an apparently Irish café eating a mahoosive fruit salad and cappucino which came to God knows how much, but still, I know there'll be food on the plane etc but you can't experience DUBAI without experiencing Dubai food! After this “breakfast” will head off and hopefully have a gate by now. My next flight leaves 10.25.

Irish Dubai food
Well, haven't really slept. I HATE PLANES. Even though this plane was awesome. I had a sort of déjà vu when I entered it. A mahoosive plane I've never been on before – three seats on one side, four in the middle, three on the other. Like a film. Amazing. Dreamlike.
Obsessing over my ticket to Dubai
The plane,
But, I didn't get a window place :( But I didn't even get an aisle place!! I got a MIDDLE place! Arghhh. On the window seat was an African woman with a humongous blankety shawl which kept itching me, to the left a young man off to Dubai for work who I got talking to after we had landed. The flight was TEDIOUS but went surprisingly quickly. Watched one mediocre film Paranoia (chose and watch it only coz of Liam Hemsworth ah. Oh and Josh Holloway was in it too!)and spent the first and last hours sleeping 50% successfully, otherwise... I dunno what I did lol.

I am giving up on my sleep pattern pre-preparation. I am just gonna sleep when I feel like it, but just make sure in the last 3h-flight I won't sleep.

Cool screens on the backs of chairs telling you about your flight
Arriving into Dubai, AMAZING. Poor blanket shawl lady coz I kept on leaning over her to look at the views. Got a glimpse of the skyscrapers, and a lot of deserty view, SO INCREDIBLE. Like, like, like. 22 years and this is the first time I've left Europe, I told my male neighbour after landing. INSANE.

Desert. Pics of city will be in next entry...
Have had like half of my fruit salad and it's becoming a bit too much...

Ah but food on the plane was nice om noms :)

Ok. I am shattered but SO SO SO SO excited. Gonna finish my fruit salad, have another peek at the Burj Khalifa whatever it is, then go see if I can find my gate. For my flight to AUCKLAND via BRISBANE literally waaaah this is insane.


Dubai airport is pretty sick


  1. What! No window seat as you flew over Europe... voi voi!

  2. haha love the detailled Irish-Dubai fruit-saladiness!! :P Keep livin' the dream possum!

  3. Mikäs rahayksikkö niillä onkaan Emiraateissa? Olipa hyvä, että salaatissa näkyi kiivejäkin. :) Ihmettelen, että sait niin upeita kuvia otetuksi keskipenkiltä. Onneksi unikin maittoi, vaikkakin 50-prosenttisesti. Seuraava blogi, kiitos! Ihanaa lukea muuten! Äx