Tuesday, 10 December 2013

First day in NZ: Off to Russell!

10/12/2013 klo 22.27. I am officially very good at conquering jet lags. After flying to New Zealand, I went to bed at half nine/tennish and woke up at half eight in the morning. Amazing sleep. Granted I was quite tired this afternoon and evening, but still, lol to all the scary stories of “how it takes a month to recover from jetlag” etc etc. Maybe it's coz NZ is such an extreme. It's not a thing of slightly adjusting your timezones, it's completely redoing them, which is what I did by not really sleeping during the two nights in the aeroplanes.

NZ brekkie om nom 
After a nice relaxing morning and breakfast we headed “up north”. Our destination was a town called Russell, to where it was like 1½h car ride and then a 5minute ferry. “Why Russell?” asked CC's dad when he heard our plans. “Oh, there's some nice beaches, and the hill...” replied CC ambiguously. Also, I happened to coincidentally know, my amazing friend Hayzybobzykins. So I did some deducing...
Trip to Russell was lovely. I really enjoy sitting in the car looking at the scenery. Pictures never succeed very well unfortunately from a car so not many of them today. Stopped off in a little town called Kawakawa (yes sounds like a name of a baby penguin) and had a traditional NZ lunch of pie (steak&cheese for CC, mince&cheese for me, after a long confusing conversation with CC on whether the NZ “mince pie” was a pie with savoury mince meat, or the Christmas pastry), a nice look-round some souvenir shops (I LOVE ALL THINGS WITH KIWIS!!!) and the most exotic toilet experience I've had. Well, not the experience itself, but the toilets were amongst the shops and cafés on the high street (and the only street, on what I gathered) and stood out because it looked like a temple. A work of art, apparently made out of recycled bottles or something...
Kawakawa toilets

Arrived in Russell, had a nice wander in the souvenir shops, beach and pier-thing. Checked into our motel which is basically a villa, our own two-floored house (tho, tbf, all the rooms on the second floor are locked), with a huge bed, a proper lounge, a posh kitchen etc... Pics to come maybe in the next entry. Epic!!

Our house :)
After that went out again and whoa! happened to bump into Hayzybobzykins. Though I was aware this will be happening, it still came at a moment when I wasn't expecting it, so some points for CC on his surprise ;)

Had a lovely dinner and drinks at a pub, checked out Hayzybobzykins's cool hostel room, CC got rid of a few spiders, and now, once again, bed time!
Reunited with two of my fave ppl ever!!


PS. Our hostel has AMAZING sugars...


  1. You two possums are so cute in possumland!!! Sounds like an awesome country. Although I can't get over the fact that the ketchup is not Heinz!!

  2. Yaaaaaaay looks like you're having amazing fun! Will reply to your message iminently! Love to you both tootlefruitums xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Well done with your non-existent jetlags! You speak about sugar in your hostel - do you mean the motel? Zaps and I were discussing whether you were wearing a real black necklace in the lunch pic or whether it was printed on you top. I go for the latter.

    What's the difference between "steak&cheese" and "mince&cheese" - wouldn't they contain approximately the same type of meat?

    Did you see any baby penguins? How come they like the warm termperatures anyway?

    Does Kawakawa mean something in Maori?

    Enough questions?

    Upeata ja aurinkoista! Näytät siirtyneen helposti talvesta kesään. :)

    Haleja Äx

    1. Well done mumsie! Yes it was printed on my top, got it as a gift when I donated some money to charity...... Steak had lumps, mince didn't. No baby penguins :( They're some special kind that hang out here. And I googled Kawakawa, I'm sure it does mean something in Maori, but dunno :(

    2. Oh and indeed I mean motel :P But got sugars from Hayley's hostel too :)

  4. I look forward to the Tale of the Adventures of Kawakawa the Kiwi Penguin!